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Corporate Social Investment

In a world where we witness the wonders of technology on a daily basis, it is hard to imagine life without it. Yet the reality is that education is not an option for millions of young Africans, and not only does that represent a lack of basic human rights, it prevents brilliant minds from reaching their full potential.

As a company with so many digital resources at our disposal, we have a responsibility to help the less fortunate make the impossible possible. Technology has the power to do just that, empowering young people to better their lives and their communities.

LetMeLearn is a BCX initiative that furthers education through Information Technology (IT), and aligns with the South African government’s goals of providing education for all.

This Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programme aims to install computer laboratories in rural areas, taking technology to the doorsteps of those who need it most. By using satellites that enable IP applications to run efficiently in areas without fixed lines, we are able to provide teachers and students alike with immediate internet access in challenging environments.

We have also implemented an initiative called LetMeGive, which allows BCX employees to donate their time or money to developmental organisations such as these:

Ditikeni Investment Company Limited

A broad-based investment company with 19 shareholders from non-profit organisations, with over two million beneficiaries in more than 200 underprivileged communities.

League of Friends of the Blind

A non-government organisation based in Cape Town, that provides a wide range of independent development services to partially sighted and blind people.

Sakhikamva Investments (Proprietary) Company Limited

An investment group that benefits black South Africans who had previously been excluded from real economic opportunities.

BCX Education Association

A bursary scheme set up for the benefit of junior level employees’ children.

Cape Flats Development Association

A non-profit family organisation that provides numerous services to disadvantaged communities in the Cape Flats.

Combined Churches in Action

A non-profit organisation comprising of churches in the greater Clarens area. Their initiatives include youth, feeding, and physical disability programmes, as well as HIV/AIDS education.

CIE Investment Company Limited

A public investment holding company whose main focus is to ensure an ongoing contribution to the sustainability of values-based education in South Africa’s catholic schools.

Community Outreach Programme Trust

A non-profit organisation that establishes sustainable projects in disadvantaged communities, providing weekday childcare, nutrition, education, and life skills for all ages.

Freewheel Trade and Invest 36 (Proprietary) Limited

A small group of women who focus on youth development in previously disadvantaged communities.

YWCA Dube Charitable Trust

A Soweto-based charity involved in projects that focus on the development of women and young girls.

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